I went to the University of Washington, Tacoma and got a degree in Information Technology. Although my career wasn't a bad one, I couldn't help but fall in love with photography. I have struggled to find my passion for the longest time. As a high schooler, I was always chasing after something my parents wanted, which was getting into corporate and making good money. After graduating college, I went straight into a job and realized how unhappy I was. That's when I decided to find something that I would enjoy. It took a lot of patience and time, but eventually I came across photography! I just love how pictures make you feel all sorts of emotions, like a rollercoaster! Every single time I look on Instagram and come across pictures from weddings, engagements or even family sessions it always gives me this heartwarming feeling. Allow me to capture those special moments of you and your loved ones! I want to be able to capture all your moments and go on adventures together!! I also just want to get to know more about YOU! Let's connect!

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